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For more than a decade, Prime Service Pest Control has been a trusted pillar in the Eastvale community. We’ve built and maintained a superb reputation as the leading pest control company in Eastvale throughout the years, and we attribute this to our unrivaled service, one-of-a-kind crew, and superior pest control products. Our locally operated and owned company is fully insured, bonded, and licensed, so you can be confident that you’re choosing a reputable pest control contractor when you choose Prime Service Pest Control. To complement their experienced and highly seasoned backgrounds as pest control experts, each staff member demonstrates vital attributes such as professionalism and integrity. We are honored to assist the individuals and companies who make our city so special. Call us today and let us demonstrate how we can meet your every need, whether you require residential or commercial pest control services.

Comprehensive Pest Control

Prime Service Pest Control is your ally in the fight against pests! We’re here to assist you with your mission to eliminate a variety of troublesome creatures from your home. With our expertise, your living space will remain free of pests, whether they’re minor inconveniences or resilient and bothersome intruders. Explore the full list of pests we can combat and let us be your defense against these unpleasant guests.


Rodents present a serious threat that goes far beyond their ability to be a nuisance and inflict significant damage to your property. The presence of squirrels, rats, or mice can cause a slew of health issues because they are known hosts of viruses that can infect you, your family, your employees, and/or your pets. At our beloved pest control service near you, we acknowledge the importance of confronting these problems directly. We address both the acute harm caused by these unwanted guests as well as the larger health hazards.

Our dedicated team comprehends the intricacies and challenges associated with rodent management. We refrain from providing quick fixes because our customers’ well-being is our foremost concern. Instead, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your property, meticulously identifying areas of infestation and potential entry points. We implement baiting and trapping techniques with a focus on safeguarding you, your family, and your pets. With our innovative methods, we deliver a lasting resolution to your rodent issues. Our commitment extends to addressing the present problem and establishing preventive measures against future infestations. When you seek competence and unwavering dedication to your satisfaction, do not hesitate to contact Prime Service Pest Control.


Sowbugs frequently find their way into bathrooms and hide beneath kitchen sinks because they love moisture. They quickly multiply under such conditions, causing daily disruptions. Our experts conduct a comprehensive inspection of the affected areas, scrutinizing every angle. They pinpoint what attracts sowbugs and their entry points, then initiate measures to discourage future infestations by creating an inhospitable environment for these pests. With our assistance, you can soon redirect your attention to other life matters, assured that your space is secure, comfortable, and free from sowbugs.


Crickets can quickly and disruptively invade your living space with their incessant noise. If you suspect a cricket infestation on your premises, now is the time to reach out to the trusted exterminators at Prime Service Pest Control. Once we’ve dealt with the current cricket problem, we will initiate measures to prevent future infestations. Our meticulous property inspection will pinpoint entry points and conditions that attract crickets. With our expertise, you can say goodbye to the annoyance of crickets and enjoy the tranquility and peace you rightfully deserve.


Ant infestations often take homeowners by surprise as the bugs infiltrate living spaces unnoticed. If this happens to you, trust your dependable Eastvale exterminator to be fully equipped for the swift and effective removal of these unwanted intruders. Our pest control experts specialize in eliminating ant infestations and designing preventive strategies. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond mere ant removal and includes addressing nesting sites and entry points. By identifying and eradicating the root causes, we provide a long-lasting solution, ensuring peace of mind and creating a pest-free environment.


Mosquitoes are not only an annoyance in workplaces and homes, but they are also carriers of disease. These bloodsuckers are a source of anxiety since they interrupt safety and comfort. Contact our pest control service near you for effective mosquito control. Our devoted team understands the complexities of mosquito management, eradicating the problem and addressing the underlying factors to create an atmosphere that repels mosquitos indefinitely. We provide complete security for the sake of your health and comfort.


Managing earwigs can be a formidable challenge. Their elusive behavior often requires the expertise of specialized, customized intervention. We understand that a generic approach simply won’t do, which is why we conduct a thorough examination to fully comprehend the extent and origins of the issue. Our team of specialists then implements a precise action plan designed to eliminate these nuisances and establish preventive measures against future infestations. With our guidance, you can have the confidence that you’ll be free from this issue earlier than anticipated.


Spiders evoke fear and anxiety in a substantial portion of the global population due to the prevalence of arachnophobia. To address this, our reliable pest control experts employ a methodical approach that surpasses mere removal. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of spider control, which involves not only eliminating the visible arachnids but also addressing the environmental conditions that attract them. We make concerted efforts to establish an environment that deters spiders, ensuring you benefit from long-term protection against their resurgence.


Fleas have a reputation for their intrusive infestations and bothersome bites, which can harm both pets and people. Our skilled team comprehends the multifaceted nature of flea problems, leading us to employ a special strategy. We identify their hidden breeding spots within carpets, furniture, and pet bedding. By not only dealing with the immediate issue, but also tackling its root causes, we provide an enduring solution that safeguards your home and animals. Thanks to our expertise and dedication, you and your pets can relish a life free from fleas.


Despite their small size, ticks pose substantial health risks to both people and pets. Our local pest control company acknowledges the significance of tick management and the intricacies associated with tick infestations. Our method for tick control is thorough, extending beyond just eliminating ticks to also combat the underlying factors that draw them in. Because you deserve to be completely comfortable in your home, we dedicate ourselves to protecting your well-being and tranquility, guaranteeing that ticks will no longer jeopardize the safety of your loved ones or pets.

Pantry Pests

Moths and beetles are adept at swiftly multiplying and wreaking havoc on your pantry and stored food. Their destructive tendencies call for immediate and efficient intervention. Opting for our top-notch pest control services means selecting a tried-and-true approach for safeguarding your kitchen and pantry. We begin with a comprehensive inspection to pinpoint the origins of the infestation and its vulnerabilities. Our solution not only eradicates the current threat, but also prevents future incursions by addressing the key sources. With our help, you can maintain the quality of your kitchen cabinets and food.


Silverfish are not only a nuisance, but they can also wreak havoc on your property by damaging valuable items such as carpets, books, and clothing. Their presence poses a significant threat to your belongings. When you notice signs of silverfish damage, rely on Prime Service Pest Control for a solution. Our experienced team is well-versed in the unique challenges of silverfish control. We conduct a comprehensive property assessment to locate and eliminate hiding spots. We then employ proven methods to deter future infestations and safeguard your property. With our expertise and unwavering commitment, your possessions and property will be shielded from further damage by silverfish. Our local pest control service is your reliable ally in creating a silverfish-free environment.

Stinging Insects

The intrusion of stinging insects can jeopardize your well-being and peace. Whether it’s deer flies, hornets, or other species known for their painful stings, the presence of bugs is cause for concern. When these unwanted visitors breach your home or business, our team of adept pest control experts is at your service. Given the unique nature of this infestation, our exceptional exterminators provide a thorough solution. Our skilled professionals conduct a detailed assessment of the infestation, ensuring no stone is left unturned in their eradication efforts. Furthermore, we identify and eliminate potential sources and nesting sites to prevent future issues.

Bed Bugs

With their incredible capacity to multiply quickly and generate a level of chaos unrivaled by other pests, bed bugs surely earn their status as one of the most loathed household intruders. Their voracious feeding habits and elusive nature mean these small terrors can transform your calm refuge into a source of discomfort. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer in silence because of our economical and very effective pest control service.

Our team of dedicated professionals understands the unique challenges posed by bed bug infestations. We don’t only solve the problem at hand – we work hard to ensure that you’re free of this unsettling scenario for good. We don’t simply address the immediate issue – our focus is on liberating you from this disconcerting situation once and for all. Our dedication revolves around reinstating your peace of mind and guaranteeing that your home maintains its status as a sanctuary of comfort and tranquility.


Cockroaches can be frightening to homeowners, yet their love of dampness attracts them inside. Luckily, our Eastvale pest control company excels at dealing with this issue by providing comprehensive solutions that go beyond simple eradication. Our skilled personnel recognize the importance of well-planned cockroach control. Before resolving underlying issues like moist areas and concealed nesting locations, we eliminate the pests themselves. Our technique assures complete removal and prevents further contact with these tenacious insects. Your home will stay pest-free, and we will restore your sense of serenity as well as your clean space.

Bees & Wasps

Discovering bees and wasps in your home can be quite distressing, leading to discomfort and potential health hazards. At Prime Service Pest Control, we grasp the significance of addressing these pests, and we employ a comprehensive, safety-focused strategy. Our team is well-equipped, experienced, and knowledgeable, ensuring the complete and secure removal of these potentially harmful intruders. We are well aware of the unique challenges presented by bee and wasp infestations, including the risks associated with stings and allergies. As your pest control service in Eastvale, we are dedicated to helping you effectively resolve this issue.

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