About Prime Service Pest Control

Prime Service Pest Control is a trusted, family owned and operated full service pest control company offering convenient residential and commercial pest control throughout San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County and Orange County. Prime Service Pest Control has over 11 years experience servicing residential and commercial properties throughout Souther California. We are willing to invest in the right product to eliminate the most stubborn pest problem.

We strive to provide the best quality pest control service the industry has to offer, focusing on the exceptional customer service and satisfaction giving Prime Service Pest Control the opportunity to succeed where others have failed. Whether you're in need of home pest control or commercial pest management we can meet all your needs.

As a team of experience pest control specialists Prime Service Pest Controls mission is to help safeguard your home or business from pest. After providing a thorough home or business inspection we will build a personalized plan to meet your needs. We offer general pest control and rodent control services. We will treat your property front to back and everything in between.

We are the company to call with all your residential & commercial pest control needs.

• Free Estimates
• No Contracts For Residential Customers
• Same Day Appointments
• Excellent Customer Service

Pet Friendly

Everything we use is both pet and people friendly yet very effective at exterminating the pest that you are seeing. We do treat many, many homes with pets. As a family owned pest control company this is very important to us. Being a pet owner ourselves we have the experience and the know how to effectively take care of our most pressing pest issues without endangering your pets, family or environment.

This company is the best , trustworthy and professional. Best of all he actually took care of my problems. Thank you 😊
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Art Pureblood